In our Kindergarten, we provide children with a place where they feel comfortable, where they prepare for life and school. We want our children to be self-confident, independent, responsible and offer a holistic support in all areas of education, early focus on languages, intercultural Education and Encounter with a high educational value, supported by parents.


In Kindergarten, we work specifically with the principle of “Learning through Play.”


We accommodate German-speaking children between 3-5 years and non-German-speaking children from 3 years.


German-speaking children can, in addition to the special promotion of German as mother tongue, also participate in optional English activities. For non German speaking children we intensively support the development of German language skills by means of German as a foreign language (DaF) teaching and systematic language immersion.

Preschool children receive an adequate program to prepare for entry into primary school.


There is a separate group room for each group as well as several functional rooms (creative room, exercise room, children's library).

Optional can be selected in the afternoon depending on interest and inclination from a diverse range. The offer ranges from sports to computers, design, architecture and theatre and much more.

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