Secondary education grades 10-12


To prepare for Abitur, we teach German, English, French, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, Ethics, Islamic Religion, Arts and Sport. Apart from sports, exams are written in all subjects. The subjects Art and Geography are taught in English and the subject Biology Bilingual (English).


Lower secondary education grades 5-9


The lessons take place at the gymnasium level. For students with Real or Hauptschuleinstufung differentiated teaching material is offered. Grade 5 serves as a level of orientation at the end of which a school career recommendation for secondary school, junior high school or high school is pronounced. French is taught as a second foreign language from grade 6.

Elementary school grades 1-4

Prerequisite for admission to primary school is good command of the German language. The lessons are mostly taught in German. In addition, from the first grade onwards, English is taught - in different levels of proficiency – as well as French and Arabic. Certain language certificates can be obtained. 

Non-German native speakers continue to be offered additional German lessons up to grade 4.

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